Pool- Swimming Lessons


Dear Swim Lesson Parents,

So here we are again with another update on our Group Swim Lessons Program.  We are trying our best not to cancel the Session.  With the new recommendations, we will not start the Spring Session of Group Swim Lessons until May 6th, May 7th and May 9th.   
We know that many of you have had questions and concerns about even doing swim lessons at this time (or near future).  We understand and to try and help you, here are some Options for you.

Option 1: You are already registered for the Spring Session and want to “stick with” the Spring Session on the new dates. Please know that these current dates are subject to change again if state recommendations change again. You would be allowed to change your Option at that time. The new Spring Session dates are Wednesdays May 6th-June 24th, Thursdays May 7th- June 25th, Saturdays May 9th- June 27th. Class times should remain the same for each day.  Although we may have to combine classes if class counts change.  We will still offer the make-up days on Sunday, May 17th and May 24th. We won’t know if class times will change until we know how many students are going to stay in the Spring Session.

Option 2:  Transfer to Summer Session.  This Option is only available for the Infant/Toddler Level Water Awareness and Level 1 Primary Skills classes. We do not offer the other levels for the Summer Session. You would be transferred to the Summer Session without having to register again. Summer Session dates and schedule is as follows: August 3rd- August 26th.  Classes meet twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays Infant/Toddler Level Water Awareness 4:30-5:00pm and Level 1 Primary Skill 5:00-5:30pm (Registration for anyone that is not transferring from Spring Session, will be July for Summer Session)  

Option 3: Transfer to Fall Session.  This Option is available to everyone.  You would be transferred to the Fall Session without having to register again. Fall Session dates will be: Wednesdays, September 30th- November 18th, Thursdays, October 1st- November 19th, Saturdays, October 3rd- November 21st. Class times are typically the same.  If choosing this Option, you will be advised as to the correct class time for each level. (Registration for anyone that is not transferring from Spring Session, will be August for Fall Session) 

Please email Rachel with your Option choice. Please include Swimmer’s name, Class level, Class day, Class time, Your option choice (Please don’t assume that I know which day/class your child is registered for). If you have questions, please email me, rachelcarloni@gmail.com Do not try to call The Aerobic Center, as no one is manning the phones at this time.

Obviously, there are changes and more information each day regarding the state of our community. Please know that we will contact you with any and all changes to our Programs.  You can also find updates on our Facebook page, Aerobic Center Lynchfield

We appreciate your continued patience.
We sincerely hope that you are all well and staying safe!

Take Care,
Rachel, Colby and Jocelyn

April 26th Make up date is cancelled